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VIP Bachelor Party with VIP in Thailand

VIP Bachelor Party

Thailand is one of the best place on earth to throw an insane bachelor party. There is not much limit to where the fun can go. Gather your craziest party crew and join us on a journey you will never forget.

You need to be Thai to know where the best "insiders only" places are, places the tourist hordes don't know about. We will bring you to places that most of the general public don't even know exist.

All we can say is that there will be the proverbial "wine, women & song"... lots of shots, cocktails, pretty ladies and all out fun.

And don’t forget what happens in Thailand stays in Thailand.

VIP After Dark Party with VIP in Thailand

VIP After Dark Party

This is one of our favorite VIP packages. The real fun begins as the sun sets and darkness falls. The temperature cools just enough to get in a drinking and dancing mood.

In general, the nightlife in Thailand is wild. Everything is possible as long as fun is the main goal. Luckily for you we have mastered the art of partying and are willing to share with you. Thailand is full of clubs and party places, some upfront, some hidden and some after hours. We know them all and have access to the best of them.

Don’t waste your time researching where to go out to when in Thailand, leave it to us! We have VIP access to all the happening clubs, gogos, fancy restaurants. The night scene is ours and soon it could be yours too. Our sexy hostesses are dying to go out for a drink and have fun… with you.

VIP Rooftop Party with VIP in Thailand

VIP Rooftop Party

Bangkok has many high-rise buildings where the view at night is mesmerizing. Grab your crew, get sleek and start being excited as your host will direct you in the high-speed lift to reach one of the many rooftops party in Bangkok. There is a rooftop party portrayed in the “Hangover 2”; you should give it a try but with us it will be with a better end.

VIP Yacht Party with VIP in Thailand

VIP Yacht Party

Why not explore the pristine waters of the Gulf of Thailand in style… or even better VIP style!

Thailand has been blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches and sea landscapes in the world. It is your duty to gather a crew of friends and let us organize a trip you will never forget.

Our packages are all inclusive; we pick you and your friends up, spend the day on our boat and drive you back to your place. The yacht size depends on your crew and on the amount of company you need for partying. We can arrange private DJs, hostesses and excellent catering covering cocktails, spirits and delicious food. This will help set the mood to have the party of a lifetime.

Our yacht crew is young, caring and love to party as well. The destination is all up to you, cruising, snorkeling, diving… just name it.

VIP Villa Party with VIP in Thailand

VIP Villa Party

VIP holidays comes with VIP parties, with your best party friends. We have selected various villas across the country that can fit in your VIP lifestyle. Thailand has amazing coastlines, exquisite islands and with white sand beaches. It would be a sin no to party there.

Choose your favorite location; Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Pattaya, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi just to name a few.

Our villas have been carefully handpicked. All have private swimming pools with generous outdoor space, ideal to throw the party of the year, your party! Like with all our packages, the villa pool party comes all inclusive. We take care of everything, DJs that will spin your favorite tracks, fridges stacked with drinks and hot models dancing and ready to push you in your pool and party all night long.

VIP Private Hotel Party with VIP in Thailand

VIP Private Hotel Party

Bangkok is a big city with a unique architecture. Big skyscrapers with offices, condominiums, private residences, hotels, bars and restaurants. Over the years we have planned amazing parties in these indoor havens and it was always great fun.

This is one of our hottest package during the rainy season.

We have selected the best hotels with suites that allow such indoor fun to happen. All is planned, waiting for you; private DJs, hostesses, drinks and food. We also have some mouthwatering theme party ideas up our sleeves if you'd like something less ordinary.

Why not a theme party? Imagine a bunch of hot nurses or cat women. All is possible!

VIP Bachelor Party with VIP in Thailand

VIP Pick Up at the Airport

The only VIP way to start and end your bachelor holidays is with our VIP airport pick up. Choose your ride and our sexy chauffeur will keep an eye on the road while you can keep your eyes where ever you feel like.

Conveniently, our limousines have tinted windows, your ride will be private but not quiet.

VIP Sushi Experience with VIP in Thailand

VIP Sushi Experience

This is a “délicatesse” that cannot easily be experienced where you live, but here in Thailand, we can make this dream come alive. The Sushi Experience is a superb erotic moment. Sushi tables are usually well dressed... in our naughty case the "table" is well undressed. A stunning model will be laying naked and sushi will cover her body. We hope you will be hungry enough to give the sushi girl the opportunity to party as well.

We can organize this Sushi Experience for you and your bachelor crew. It can be done in your private residence or in another location.