Our Day Activities

ATV; a day activity with VIP in Thailand

ATV (All Terrain Vehicles)

Boys will always be boys and will always love toys. This is a must do activity with your friends. Spend a lovely afternoon outside the city in the beautiful Thai country side. We have selected great locations near Bangkok and on the main islands to let you challenge your friends in all action races by pushing your ATV to its limits.

Muay Thai; a day activity with VIP in Thailand

Muay Thai/Thai Boxing

If you come to Thailand but do not engage in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), you haven’t really experienced Thailand in full. Muay Thai is intricately linked to Thai culture. Children as young as six years old start learning the Muay Thai art. We are able to put together an awesome Muay Thai package just for you and your mates. Visit a traditional Muay Thai gym, train with a professional Thai coach and then fight with your mates in a ring. The climax to this incredibly enjoyable afternoon will be to enjoy real Muay Thai bouts in a local stadium whilst you sit back with a cold beer in your hands.

Karting; a day activity with VIP in Thailand


Feel the need for speed? Let us arrange to a day out for you and your buddies at the Karting track. We will organize races for you that will allow you to find the next Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel amongst you and your group of friends. It’s a fun way to compete against your mates and we have your back on safety with helmets and protective gear provided.

Want the full racing glamour? We can also organize some sexy cheerleaders for the day!

Rafting; a day activity with VIP in Thailand

White Water Rafting

This activity is made to test your wolf pack strength. There are many great locations for rafting in Thailand especially during the monsoon periods when the rivers flow fast and full. White River Rafting is a wonderful exhilarating experience to share with your best mates. We guarantee that it will be fun and safe. We take all the necessary precautions so that you can focus solely on enjoying a great afternoon.

Paintball; a day activity with VIP in Thailand


Fancy yourself as a bit of a “Special Forces” hero? Well our paintball match up will have your group split into two opposing teams out to capture the enemy flag. This is your chance to dominate your buddies and show them who the Alpha Male in your pack is.

We have access to great locations with plenty of places to hide and hunt down those who once were your friends!

Shooting; a day activity with VIP in Thailand


Another great reason why Thailand is awesome. Plenty places where you can have fun with guns… legally! This adrenalin fueled activity will be supervised by a professional team and all the safety and security considerations are taken care of for a safe afternoon of fun.

Whether you are a first timer or a confirmed marksman, the adrenaline will flow as the empty casings pile up on the floor.

Golfing; a day activity with VIP in Thailand


Golfing! Always an awesome way to spend an afternoon with friends.

Thailand has incredibly beautiful golf courses of varying difficulty spread all around the country. We have the insider knowledge that will help you book a day at the best of these courses where you can swing away and have a laugh with your buddies.

We’ll of course organize the sexy caddies to bring out the best in your game and keep the fridge full of refreshing drinks.

Surfing; a day activity with VIP in Thailand


Yes, surfing in Bangkok is possible. There are a few places with wave machines to generate the waves you crave for and there’s even a beach club right here in the center of Bangkok. The places are really cool with funky music, great food and smiling staff.

If you haven’t done this before you will need a few tries and then off you go, surfing the afternoon away. In between surf runs, enjoy your favorite cocktail whilst chatting up our sexy hostesses.